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P.O. Box 232
Middleburg, FL 32050-0232

Image Blind Vet Reading Braille Embossed on Braille Flag
Dedicating Flag at Augusta FA 
Gainesville, FL VA Medical Center
Agusta, GA VA Blind Rehab Center
Walt Peters next to Bronze Braille flag

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Thank you for electing to find out more about the “American Braille Flag Project”.



Primary: As a patriotic and educational endeavor place a tactile American Braille Flag in VA facilities visited by blind veterans.
Place a tactile American Braille Flag in VA facilities, cemeteries and other memorial structures.

 Secondary: To place a tactile American Braille Flag in schools and Libraries so blind students may learn by touch what the American flag is like. In Libraries so other blind Americans may have access to seeing the Flag.

It is estimated that America has more than 30 million blind/low vision veterans and citizens.



Randolph Cabral, President of the Kansas Braille Transcription Institute (KBTI) and the son of a World War II blind veteran created the tactile/Braille American Flag to honor his father. In February 2008, through the combined efforts of the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA), KBTI and U.S. Congressman Todd Tiahrt, the U.S. Congress unanimously authorized placement of a bronze monument of the Braille Flag at Arlington National Cemetery as a tribute to blind veterans of all wars, and other blind Americans. In April of 2008 the Braille flag was officially installed at the cemetery representing a Braille replica of the U.S. American Flag. literally thousands have found their way into the hands and hearts of many sighted and blind civilians, veteran's, veteran's hospitals, memorials parks, offices of elected officials, schools for the blind, and many other places. The Blinded Veterans Association alone has given hundreds of framed Braille flags as appreciation awards to blind veterans not only to American Veterans but also to blind Veterans in other countries.


The original Flash Bronze Braille tactile flag has in the upper left corner stars, each of which represents the 50 states and are arranged in nine rows in alternating clusters of six and five. The long smooth horizontal lines  represent the red stripes. The end of each stripe is embossed with the Braille dots 4, 5, 6 followed by the lower case "r", indicating the color red. Between each of the representations of the red stripes are the long raised textured areas representing the white stripes. The end of each stripe is embossed with the Braille dots 4, 5 9 6 followed by the lower case "w", indicating the color white. As should be, there are a total of thirteen stripes which represent the original thirteen American colonies of England which became the original thirteen states of the new independent Republic. The pledge of allegiance is embossed in standard font English literary Braille code over the smooth red stripes. This graphic not only serves those Americans who have become blind, but equally serves as a teaching/learning tactile aid for instructing blind students how the American flag appears to the sighted. The flag is well sized for portability (13.25" by 12" and weighs 7.5 ibs), and is easily distributed as demonstration pieces at a conference, work shop, or seminar. Additional variations are now available in non-Bronze material. Each variation is tactile like the original Bronze Flag.

Image Bronze or Flash Bronze Braille Flag
Original Bronze or Flash Bronze

Polymer Material Bronze Like

Bronze Like 3D Polymer

Red White & Blue 3D Flag
  Ted White & Blue 3D Flag Unframed
3D Color Polymer (Brass Framed-or-Wall Mounted)


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Project's President and blinded Veteran,Walt Peters, USA-Ret SSGT served three tours in Vietnam, and was a recipient of a framed Braille Flag presented by, the designer of the Braille Flag, Randolph Cabral, of the Kansas Braille Transcription Institute, Wichita, KS. Peters felt a bronze copy of the Braille Flag needed to be physically located in every VA facility throughout the Nation, and framed copies should be placed in classrooms where blind and low vision American students could see it by a touch of their fingers! Walt has made this the mission of the American Braille Flag Project.

To help:  send donations to American Braille Flag Project - PO Box 232 - Middleburg, FL 32050-0232. or click on the DONATE button on the website!
Thank you for visiting this site and God bless America
Image Soldier to Blind Civilian

Braille Flag Collage

Outdoor Pedestal Mounted


American Braille Flag Project, Inc.

Walter Peters SFC USA-Ret

Walt Peters spent 20 years in the Army, 1962-1983. He retired as a Staff sergeant. As a special operations aviator in Vietnam, he compiled three tours of duty in that country. His service to his country came with a huge cost to his own wellbeing. he was doused with Agent Orange three or four times” during those tours. Agent Orange has left many service members with long lasting disabling effects. Around 1997 his eyesight started going and he was diagnosed with chemical diabetes and has had some 30 surgeries. As such he can only see silhouettes. Walt has dedicated himself to the American Braille Flag Project hoping to Raise the American Braille Flag for All to See, Including the Blind.

American Braille Flag Project, Inc.
Paul Kaminsky, Sr Cdr USN-Ret
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Kaminsky retired from the U.S. Navy after serving 30 years, 1965-1995. He held Enlisted paygrades E-1 to E-9 (AVCM) and Officer ranks O-1 to O-5 (Commander). He flew with the Navy Hurricane Hunters, served with Navy fighter squadrons onboard the USS Independence, USS America, and the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Kaminsky began losing his eyesight in 1982, by 1985 was legally blind. His last 10 years, in the Navy, he was legally blind but because of his ability to perform all his duties he remained classified as fit for full duty and continued on active duty with the rest of his contemporaries. Kaminsky is dedicated to the American Braille Flag Project and too with the Project’s goal, to make this Braille Flag available throughout the Nation.


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Lake City Bronze Braille flag

Lake City, Florida (video)

Wichita, KS Bronze Braille flag

Wichita, KS VA medical center (video)

Topeka, KS Bronze Braille flag

Topeka, KS VA medical Center (video)

Augusta, GA Bronze Braille flag

Augusta, GA VA medical Center (video)

Iraq Veteran

Iraq Veteran(video)

Jacksonville, FL VAOPC

Jacksonville, FL VA OPC(video)



American Braille Flag Project, Inc (ABFP)is a 501.c3 whose officers
receive no salaries, and funds donated are for support of the Project.
Although, Braille Flags "RAISED" are normally donated or purchased by
the institutions where the Braille Flags will be placed, many facilities lack
the funds necessary to purchase the Flag therefore your donation will
provide a Braille Flag for them.


PLEASE send your contributions to:

American Braille Flag Project, Inc
P.O. Box 232
Middleburg, FL 32050-0232

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Blind Vet feels Flag VA BIST Gainesville FL Group with Flag
August GA BRC Vets 4 Vets Event Walt Peters Receives Braille Flag
Tallahassee FL Event Saint August Deaf and Blind School FDVA with Peters and Kaminsky
Bronze Braille Flag Saint August National Cemetery FDVA with Peters and Kaminsky
 Saint August National Cemetery Bronze Braille Flag FDVA with Peters and Kaminsky